XAudio2_6.dll is Missing from Windows 10

Some registered users of Windows 10 have reported that a majority of those trying to start the correct particular game receive an error message saying that XAudio2_6.dll is missing on the computer and they are unable to start the game. Fortunately, there is any solution to this error, and you will find it in this article.

As with Solve XAudio2_6.dll Missing Error under Windows 10

Problems with XAudio2_6.dll can cause various problems to matter, and when talking about problems, here are actually some of the most common challenges reported by users:

  • XAudio2_6.dll missing on Windows 10, 7 – This criticism can occur with any version related to Windows, and older versions related to Windows are no exception. Most of the solutions work with any performance of Windows, so even if your family doesn’t use Windows 10, you should try some of my solutions
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  • XAudio2_6.dll Crash – According to Internet users, crashes can sometimes occur, causing problems with this file. To fix the problem, make sure you update your audio drivers to the latest, trendy version and see if any experts can help.
  • XAudio2_6.dll Skyrim – This problem can easily occur when you try to run certain games, such as Skyrim for the case. If this problem occurs, it is almost guaranteed to reinstall DirectX and check exactly how it helps
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  • XAudio2_6.dll not found – However, if this file is not available on your system, you may be able to fix the problem simply by copying it from another PC
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Solution 1 – Reinstalling DirectX


XAudio2_6.dll is a file-related file related to DirectX, which, as you know, is one of the most important elements to run almost any game within Windows 10 and other Windows operating systems. So, to solve this problem, but to repair the damaged XAudio2_6.dll file, every single one of you is going to be able to reinstall or repair your current one from DirectX, and all efforts should be just fine. You can download the latest version of DirectX for free from the Microsoft website


If this error occurs while trying to run a particular game, you can also select the DirectX setup file in the installation directory of that game. Just search during DirectX folder, and you should find there the desired setup file


Solution 2 – Acoustic Driver Update

Although XAudio2_6.dll is the DirectX-related file, some users have also discovered that updating the sound driver has solved the problem. If buyers have reinstalled DirectX and you are still experiencing the same error, go to the Device Manager and see if there are any verifiable updates for your audio car driver. If you don’t know how best to do this, follow these instructions:

  1. Press Windows Key + X Time for open Win + X Food. Select Device Manager from the general list.
  2. Under Sound, Video, and Game Remotes, right-click your audio driver and / or go to . Update Driver .
  3. Select Robot-based search for updated driver software .
  4. If updates are undoubtedly available, simply let the wizard finish the process.

Windows 10 then downloads the latest drivers for your current audio device


Although this method is quite simple, it won’t always check the latest drivers, so it won’t fix your problem perfectly. If your whole family wants to fix the main problem completely, we recommend that you download your driver directly from the motherboard or voice card manufacturer


Just visit the company’s website, enter the model of the sound card or motherboard, and download the latest audio drivers for the thought. This method could be much more complicated than the previous one at least, but with it you download the latest audio drivers to your PC


If these two guidelines are ineffective, you might want to try a third-party tool that can automatically update all your drivers while you click on them with a single click. TweakBit Subscriber Updater is one such tool, and if you simply use it, you can automatically update your primary drivers in a matter that takes minutes


Solution 3 – can log into Microsoft Register Server


Maybe XAudio2_6.dll is also present on your computer, but unfortunately it is simply not registered. At most it (and all other.dll files) should be registered automatically, but in some cases complications may occur. So you can try to register this file for your use and see if there are any improvements already. Here is exactly what you need to do:

  1. Press Windows Key + X and select Command Prompt (Admin) quite possible PowerShell (Admin) .
  2. Enter our following line in the Prompt Instructions and press Enter:
    • regsvr32 /u XAudio2_6.dll (this command unregisters my file) (17)
  3. regsvr32 /u XAudio2_6 (this command unregisters my file) (17)
  4. Now type this statement and press Enter:
    • regsvr32 /i XAudio2_6.dll (this will re-register the list)
  5. Close the prompt, in addition to trying to reopen the game via XAudio2_6.dll
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If you still have problems with.dll-Recordsdata on your PC, we strongly recommend that you download this tool (100% secure and also tested by us) to fix various PC problems, such as missing or harmful.dlls, but also file losses and malware


Solution six – Installation of drivers in low-risk mode

According to users, problems with the out XAudio2_6.dll may occur due to the current video card drivers. Some users have announced that this problem occurs during the installation of AMD drivers, and for you to resolve the problem, it is necessary that you can switch to Safe Mode and check whether the drivers can be installed as a result of it


If not, safe mode is a special segment of all Windows that runs with standard ethnic groups and applications, so it’s perfect for debugging. To enter Safe Mode, the following should apply:

  1. Press Windows Key + I to open Settings app .
  2. Go to System & Security section.
  3. Select Recovery from the placed window. In the right pane, within Advanced Commissioning section click Restart Now .
  4. Select Troubleshooting > Advanced Solutions > Startup Settings . Click on the Restart button.
  5. When your system restarts, you will receive a list of options. Select Secure Mode with Network by pressing the appropriate button

Once users switch to Safe Mode, try installing the AMD driver once. If you manage to successfully install the problem, the problem should be thoroughly fixed.

Solution 5 – Clean your family registry

Few users reported that they managed to fix the condition with XAudio2_6.dll by simply cleaning his or her registry. In some cases, your registry entries can become corrupted in the computer system, and who can cause this and many other errors to occur


To fix my problem, some users recommend that you clean up your own personal registry. The easiest way to achieve this is to use a Windows Registry Cleaner software. We have covered many cleaning programs for personal computer registration in the past, and if you are looking for a good way to clean your registration, we strongly recommend you try it . Advanced System Maintenance .

Solution 6 – Remove Overclocking Settings

Sometimes, the XAudio2_6.dll error may also occur when trying to train certain games. According to users, the problem was generally caused by their overclocking settings, and after they removed the overclocking settings, the problem was solved properly.

If your system is overclocked, more favorably your overclocking settings or deactivate persons completely and check whether the problem is solved. This is not the majority of reliable solution, but it could do business for you, so be sure which one it will try


Solution 7 – Installing the remaining updates

If the problem is caused by working with XAudio2_6.dll, the problem may be missing in Windows Updates. Sometimes, if you really don’t have the latest updates installed, you may experience problems. However, individuals can easily solve these problems by installing the missing updates


Windows ten usually installs the missing updates necessarily, but sometimes you may skip the update(s) due to a variety of problems. However, you can manually check for updates at any time by doing the following:

  1. Open the app settings along with go to the Update & Security section
  2. Click Now Check for updates button.

If any versions are available, they will be saved and installed in the background as soon as you restart the actual PC. Once your system is up to date, check if the problem still exists


Solution 6 – Manually copying the missing files

In certain cases, you can easily fix the problem with the absence of XAudio2_6.dll by simply copying it, caused by another PC. To do this, contact another PC and search the Internet for the missing file. If someone finds it, copy it to the other PC and check if the fact helps. The file should be organized in Alabama. Windows/System32 and Windows/SysWow64 directories, but be sure to continue copying it to your PC. Many websites can also offer you to download this important file, but most of these blogs are not reliable, so it’s always wiser to copy this file from far more PCs


This is it, I hope through at least one of these solutions you have worked to solve this problem, of course, if you have any comments or requests, just grab the comments section of the below.

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