How to download Windows Live on Windows 10

Microsoft is very good at UWP applications and their success is that there is a little space during the old Windows programs. ms Essentials 2012 was the last iteration in which users were provided with the real Windows world. And this suite has been a sought-after fan for a long time. Well, a large number of users who have moved to really use Windows 10 have had a hard time getting used to the UWP successors


download, you can also configure Windows Live Mail with Windows 10


Well, even though this special Essentials suite was discontinued in January 2017, you can still use it very well. This includes Glass Window Live Mail, which, based on the opinions of so many users, is a better choice than the below-average integrated Mail & Calendar app. As a thank you for the lack of support, we are grateful to be able to tell you that it doesn’t take much out of glass windows live. Although security patches are almost certainly not available and this email client is not the most secure you can use, it is still available. If you can select an option, the app can also be used under Windows 10

Q: How do I set up Windows Live Mail on Windows 7?

Email Setup in Windows 7 Live Mail
  1. If you have another email account, send a test email to the email address you're setting up.
  2. Open Windows Live Mail.
  3. If you don't see the menu bar as shown below, press the ALT key on your keyboard to make it visible.
  4. Click on Tools, and then select Accounts.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Select Email Account, and then click Next.



However, there are not too many sources available to maintain use of the suite. Since it was discontinued before, the download links are rather scarce anyway or come from suspicious sources of third parties. Fortunately we find together with testing a semi-official download link and / or it just worked very well. The installation and configuration settings are the same as for any third-party email client


Here’s just the thing to get Windows Live the way it’s going to be part of next year’s Essentials:

Q: How do I import Windows Live Mail to Windows 10?

Moving Storage folders from WLM 2012 to the Windows 10 MAIL app.
  1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Open Windows Live Mail.
  3. In the Windows Live Mail window, click the File button and select Exportand then select Email messages.
  4. Select Microsoft Exchange as the format and then click Next.
Apr 20, 2019


  1. Download Essentials 2012 here
  2. .

  3. Install the suite and view Windows Live Mail
  4. .

  5. Open and Buy Real Estate File > Options > Email Accounts .
  6. Add your Microsoft Account with credentials
  7. Check the
  8. Enter for the incoming node
  9. .

  10. Enter for the outgoing server
  11. .

  12. Save the settings and wait until the specific emails are synchronized
  13. .

That should definitely be enough. If this was useful, make sure you give us a meaningful cry in the comment box below


Q: What is the best movie maker for Windows 10?

Top 5 Best Windows Movie Maker Alternatives for Windows 10
  1. VSDC Free Video Editor. Windows 10 Movie Maker Replacement.
  2. OpenShot Video Editor. Windows Movie Maker Alternative Free.
  3. Shotcut Video Editor. Windows 10 Movie Maker Alternative.
  4. VideoPad Video Editor. Movie Maker Freeware Alternative.
  5. Avidemux. Best Alternative to Windows Movie Maker.
Jan 18, 2019



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